Wonderful piece.

"FROs collapse the false dichotomy between science and engineering: Basic research and engineering often go hand in hand."

This is a concept that's lost on many. There needs to be tight fusion between R&D and manufacturing, as they feed off of each other. The USSR had this problem; a research institute would design something, say a new fighter jet. The designs would then be handed to a manufacturer that would build it. There was little feedback between those building the those designing, creating a host of problems. We have lost a great deal of manufacturing capability in America, this impedes science and technological advancement.

Do you think FROs could be funded on the back end? Say, a patent/IP buyout system like I discussed here: https://www.lianeon.org/p/supercharging-innovation

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Apr 11, 2023Liked by Samuel Hammond

Math research institutes, like MSRI at Berkeley and Fields in Toronto, have some of these properties- thematic programs try to build up a community focused on a particular part of the subject and get a lot of collaboration going.

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Shouldn’t we be cautious about outsourcing some of the dull parts of science? Is prudence and time to think during the full parts not valuable? I’m hesitant that faster is better. I’m also hesitant about calling some of this stuff a public good.

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